Buddha | East Wenatchee, WA | 2015

Decades ago, a wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin attracted big crowds to a small chapel in Tickfaw, Louisiana. Apparently, the 3-foot-high statue heard people’s tales of woe and then cried. Tears actually streamed down her cheeks. Her expressed sorrow reportedly had miraculous effects — wounds healed, diseases disappeared, love re-entered sour marriages. It was obvious, however, that the crying “miracle” occurred because the icon, made of green wood, was painted thickly everywhere but the corners of her eyes. Summer heat made the wood sweat; sap oozed from her unpainted tear ducts. But many visitors believed in the holy happening and were healed — even when months of dripping sap pooled in a sticky mess at the Blessed Mother’s feet. Does Buddha ever cause such a hubbub?