Art Lover

Art Lover | New Orleans, LA | 2016

Why does a certain artwork capture our interest and touch our soul? Subject matter, composition, color palette, brush technique — they all play a role. But famous works, those known and praised by millions, also radiate mystery. Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, for instance. Or, more recently, David Hockney’s Pool with Two Figures. The viewer feels these works have been lifted from a larger story, a veiled unfolding of character and time to which we are a witness. Abstract art’s storylines are often even more obscure, but the man in this photo was clearly captivated by these vertical lines. He paced their length, back and forth, for a quarter-hour or more. He appeared irritated — no, agitated — that they were featured so prominently or at all. Clearly, this art was having an effect. It was doing art’s job.