Cathedral | New Orleans, LA | 2016

(Maybe this isn’t the most artful photograph, but here’s what happened … ) We tourists jostled onto the prime spot to get the best photo of the St. Louis Cathedral in the New Orleans French Quarter. A gay Japanese couple elbowed their way to the front, right under a statue of Andrew Jackson, and proceeded to kiss passionately, snap a photo using a 5-foot selfie stick and glance sideways to ensure proper framing. Another couple, shouting in German to friends on the sidelines, accidentally knocked the gay couple’s phone from the stick. It ricocheted off the shoulder of a female sailor (or an army nurse?) and then shot into the hands of a teenage boy who juggled it but couldn’t make the grab. Propelled upwards, the phone hovered in the air for a second before dropping solidly into my free hand. All of us — random strangers gathered by fate to unexpectedly test the laws of physics — froze for a split-second, eyes wide with surprise, and then burst into laughter and applause. My phone clicked this tilted photo while the universe had its fun.