Drain | East Wenatchee, WA | 2017

A tiny black ant scouts for meaning and purpose — OK, maybe food — on the vast porcelain bowl of our bathroom sink. The faucet emits one drop of water every six seconds, which — if timed perfectly — is enough to wash the ant down the drain. A life changed instantly by a quirk of fate. If the ant drowns immediately, then game over. But if the ant finds purchase on a tangle of stuck hair and uses it to surf the drainpipe out of the house and into the city sewer system … well, suddenly clinging for survival on a raft of soggy tissue could be the beginning of a life-altering experience. When it left the nest that morning, turning its insectoid back on tens of thousands of identical workers, could the ant have imagined how its bold departure could bring such soul-enriching adventure? When we leave the office and take the elevator down, down, down — are we always alert to the possibilities?