Blonde | Las Vegas, NV | 2017

“There are blondes and there are blondes … There is the small cute blonde who cheeps and twitters, and the big statuesque blonde who straight-arms you with an ice-blue glare … There is the soft and willing blonde who doesn’t care what she wears as long as it’s mink or where she goes as long as it’s the Starlight and there’s plenty of champagne. There is the small perky blonde who is a little pal and wants to pay her own way and is full of sunshine and common sense and knows judo from the ground up and can toss a truck driver over her shoulder … “

— American author Raymond Chandler, from “The Long Goodbye” (Philip Marlowe #6)

(Blogger’s Note: I’m on the road this week and am relying on quotes from artists, authors and scientists to complement my photos.)