Motel Mirror

Motel Mirror | Seattle, WA | 2017

As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to watch “The Outer Limits.” So I hid one night behind the sofa and viewed an episode about a monster that lived in a mirror. It would rise from below the frame, reach with clacking claws through the glass into our world and … well, you know. Five decades later, I’m still wary of mirrors and their magic. Any framed reflection seems like a portal to another world. Particularly creepy are reflected doorways, where devils lurk just out of sight. Once in my late teens, I was lost in a carnival’s hall of mirrors. Panic rose as claws gripped my arm. But it was just my date, a heartless rich girl, who laughed at the alarm in my eyes. “You scared the boogey man gonna gitcha?” she teased. Yes, I nodded, surrounded by mirrors within mirrors. And you should be, too.