Explorer | Twisp, WA | 2017

Jane’s walk always took her across the upper pasture, through the dell of tall grasses, around the seasonal pond, and atop the high ridge that offered views of the valley she loved. But this morning, it all seemed more … well, vivid. The landscape she knew so well burst with fresh sights and sounds. The pasture glistened with crystals of dew, the grasses whispered in the wind, the pond thrummed with a hatch of insects, and the ridge presented a misty mountaintop she’d never noticed before. At first, she was puzzled by this welling of Nature, and her thoughts swirled like the distant clouds. But her boots crunched in the stony ground, cattle bellowed for their breakfast and sunlight warmed her face — familiar happenings that settled her mind. “Of course,” she chuckled to herself, “the world looks different today.” It was New Year’s Eve. Change — or at least its possibility — was in the air.