Birds on Wire

Birds on Wire | East Wenatchee, WA | 2018

I’m back with my buddies, sitting on this wobbly wire and waiting for Millie to sprinkle some seeds. The small ones are tasteless and the big ones hard to crack. But it’s free food, right? Plus, Millie would be so disappointed if we didn’t gobble it up. She’s sweet, and definitely reliable, but I crave more variety. I always loved it when we flocked down to Porter’s Pond to forage for berries and bugs. Peck under a log and the grubs would tumble out, more than we could ever eat. And the worms! Don’t get me started. I miss the worms. Sure, Millie serves up a decent lunch — convenient, plentiful — but day after day, the same ol’, same ol’ …? I don’t like to complain, but the truth is I want more. I want better. And I know in my heart I can find it. Really, I will search the world until I find it. After all, I can fly.