Window Dressing

Window Dressing | Wenatchee, WA | May 2019

Manikins began to marry soon after the Great Emancipation of 2026. We’d place them side-by-side in a display window and, sure enough, in a day or two they’d be holding hands. Li’l Betty, our dummy for kids’ fashions, was asked to be ring bearer at the wedding of two manikins from the local hardware store. They normally dressed in coveralls and wore tool belts, so we thought they were rough-and-tumble guys. But, as you can see in the photo, they both chose lovely gowns for the ceremony to show off their feminine sides. As we’ve learned, it’s hard to tell what’s what when it come to manikins. We once had a dress form run off with one of those “articulated” models. Lord knows what they do in the storeroom. But that’s retail for you — every day comes with its own surprise.