Sunset | Twisp, WA | August 2019

Some people are avid appreciators of a setting sun. Almost every evening for two years, my Dad sat on an overturned bucket to watch the sun go down at the edge of his new property. He later kicked aside the bucket, built a house on that exact spot and named it Sundown. My spouse revels in evening’s gleam while relaxing on the porch of our Twisp cabin. She’s greatly moved by the glow on fences, fields and foothills, and sometimes phones me to say the sunset is too wondrous for words. A homeless man who wanders our city has a favorite stool at McDonald’s where he sits to watch the day’s last light. “It’s the greatest show on Earth,” he once told me. “I want to shout to the people around me, ‘Look! For God’s sake, take a look!'”