Trick Rider

Trick Rider | Omak, WA | August 2019

Rodeo #1 | As the self-proclaimed King of Caution, I’m fascinated by those who take risks. What compels a person to skydive, rock climb, bungee jump, chain smoke or gulp that first bite of a neurotoxin-laced pufferfish? I understand about laughing in the face of death — after all, I cross streets against the light and eat at taco trucks — but participating in cripple-or-kill activities remains a mystery to me. For answers, I’ve studied the faces of extreme athletes with no luck. Instead, I’ve learned that what I seek hides in my own soul. And rummaging there has its own risks.

[In photo: Trick rider Haley Ganzel performs at the 2019 Omak Stampede rodeo.]