Fishing | Heber Springs, AR | September 2019

Travelogue #1 | Mist rises from the Little Red River, one of Arkansas’ top trout streams and a great place to hang out until our favorite catfish shack opens for lunch. That’s my brother wetting his line in pools below two landmark boulders. Not many bites, however, as morning temperatures were in the 80s and later would hover near 100. Don’t even ask about humidity. Let’s just note that the inside of my brother’s waders were getting squishy with … eww … sweat.

Bonus photo:

The Little Red attracts visitors from around the world for its fishing, hiking and camping. Plus, it has a bit of mystery.

[My brother Scott and I rendezvous each autumn in the Arkansas Ozarks. We fish, hike, eat, explore and talk too much about things nobody else cares about.]