Folk Art

Folk Art | Mountain View, AR | September 2019

Travelogue #4 | I’m not a connoisseur of crafts, but lines and colors catch my eye. My brother and I spent an afternoon at the Ozark Folk Center State Park chatting with artists who hand-make brooms, blankets, jewelry, pottery, toys and oodles of other beautiful works. Live bluegrass music had our toes tapping, but we declined the free clogging lessons. As one overweight fellow said, “No thanks. I’m clogged enough.”

Bonus photos:

This loom’s weaver was kind enough to offer my brother tufts of unspun bunny fur to use for fishing flies.

One of the busiest vendors was a ceramicist who made the usual items — mugs, pitchers, plates — but also specialized in tiny animals. His hand-built kiln fired-up my interest.

[My brother Scott and I rendezvous each autumn in the Arkansas Ozarks. We fish, hike, eat, explore and talk too much about things nobody else cares about.]