Toltec Mounds

Toltec Mounds | Scott, AR | September 2019

Travelogue #5 | The first thing to know is that the Toltec Mounds are definitely mounds but not Toltec. They were built by the Plum Bayou native peoples about 1,200 years ago and were erroneously labeled “Toltec” by landowners in the mid-19th century. (The real Toltecs constructed their own mounds in Mexico.) Secondly, don’t attempt to absorb reams of archeological data while strolling a mile-long interpretive trail in 102-degree heat. The parboiled brain blurs arrowheads, pottery chunks and ceremonial tools into one big smear of artifact goo.

Bonus photo:

Even with an algae bloom, this in-lake cypress grove tempted us to take a dunk to escape the heat. We instead headed for an air-conditioned chain restaurant where — wouldja looky there? — catfish was featured on the lunch menu.

[My brother Scott and I rendezvous each autumn in the Arkansas Ozarks. We fish, hike, eat, explore and talk too much about things nobody else cares about.]