Spider | Wenatchee, WA | September 2019

One mystery to ponder while waiting in the car for my spouse is Earth’s diversity of life. How could the same surface conditions — air, light, gravity — produce such varied creatures? That spider on the parking bollard has legs too wispy for nerves or blood, right? So how do they move in a coordinated fashion? To flee, build webs, catch food? And why would they even evolve that way? Wouldn’t a gripping claw be more useful? Oops, gotta run. Spouse headed this way. Why does she shop while I sit? Why lug such a big purse? What’s the reason for … oh, never mind.

[A “bollard” is a low post that, in this case, directs or stops traffic. I first saw the term last summer on a sign in a parking lot in Arkansas. “Pull forward to the bollard,” it said. I’ve had bollards on the brain ever since.]