Water Tank

Water Tank | East Wenatchee, WA | October 2019

About 55 years ago a priest led us Catholic kids into the schoolyard and pointed to the town’s water tower. “That could be you,” he told us. “Standing straight, reaching for the sky, able to quench a thirst most people don’t know they have.” (Yes, I’m paraphrasing.) We knew he was talking about vocations, answering God’s call to join the clergy, but what was the deal about thirsty people? Were we supposed to give them a drink? Of what? Today I can see that certain people — rare souls — know the answer. A woman in our grocery store’s parking lot distributes bottled water to the homeless. Their brightened faces show, however, that she gives them something more — hope, kindness. And perhaps, from her own well of grace, enough love to quench their particular thirsts for an hour, maybe more.