Quonset Hut

Quonset Hut | Orondo, WA | October 2019

Autumn Orchard #4 | A bit of history on the ubiquitous hut: During World War II, the U.S. Navy required a lightweight all-purpose building that was easily shipped and assembled by unskilled labor. Military engineers modified a decades-old British design and built a prototype in the naval yard at Quonset Point, Rhode Island. Thousands of the structures were then erected around the world. Post-war, the design has survived because of its clear-span interior and strength, suitable in snow country for storage of hay, feed and farm/ranch equipment. The hut’s skin has evolved along with technology, from steel to aluminum to fiberglass to high-tensile plastic compounds. Me? I like its reflective qualities — on hazy evenings a quonset’s curve can give off a ghostly glow.