Sofa | Seattle, WA | October 2019

Reverie | To replay my last dream, I sit on the sofa. It relaxes me into a meditative state where I can control the dream’s flow — rewind, freeze frame — to better interpret the message. All I see for many minutes is an undulating sea, ocean swells slowly rising and falling. But wait … a white speck appears, disappears. I zoom in to see a hand, then an arm, then a torso slicing through the waves. Someone (me?) swims on the endless expanse with no destination in sight. He keeps pumping, never pausing, never tiring, heading in a straight line for God knows where. I feel that way sometimes. I’m a good swimmer, so I keep going.

[In photo: The sofa with ocean projection is at Seattle’s Burke Museum. No dream analysis possible. However, the dream itself is real and recurring. It unspooled most recently about two months ago. I’ve never figured out where I’m swimming to.]