Straws | Cashmere, WA | November 2019

Circle Series #3 | Before we all became terrified of germs, straws stood in handy dispensers on soda fountain counters. When your vanilla-caramel milkshake arrived, you’d reach bare-fingered into the straw assortment, swish around for the perfect color, stick it in the shake and suck the end that had been touched by dozens of customers. Yeah, we likely shared the local flu bug, maybe even skin mites (eww), but we didn’t die. In fact, we stayed pretty darned healthy. A few days ago, as I plucked free mints from a basket in a hospital waiting room, I wondered what defenses my body would muster to ward off staph infections and flesh-eating bacteria. I’m hoping those germy straws inoculated me against contamination. Hey, you think this rash is anything serious?