White Chair

White Chair | Spokane, WA | December 2019

I’ve learned not to judge people or furniture at first glance. They’re likely more comfortable than they look. Take this chair, for instance. To me, it appears stiff and formal — the kind of chair that actually discourages lounging. But my butt, all smiles, found a soft, welcoming home in this chair’s embrace. Hours later at a casino, the bleach-blonde, chain-smoking matron next to me accepted a double bourbon from a roving waitress. “God bless you,” the older woman told the girl. Then added, “Pope Francis blesses you, too.” The waitress stared quietly at the matron for two seconds, then mumbled: “Thank you.” Her eyes were shiny with tears. She must have found comfort in what became a Divine exchange from an unforeseen source in a totally unexpected place.