Windowsill | Wenatchee, WA | December 2019

The alleyways that lace downtown are portals to another time. Century-old buildings, ad murals from the 1930’s, loading docks unused for decades, windows draped since World War II. These old-time elements lubricate the imagination so we can easily envision the commercial bustle of a pre-electronic age. You know: Back when buying boots or Tinkertoys involved eye contact with someone you’d known for years. Today’s shadows on pocked brick walls are the same as those cast 100 years ago. I would tell you they blur in my peripheral vision, move in ghostly shimmers, but you’d want to capture it for YouTube. And they won’t let you do that.

[In photo: Your eyes haven’t gone wacky. The sill and specks on the pane are in focus. The curtains, more spectral, are not.]