Sand in Shell

Sand in Shell | Pacific Beach, WA | January 2020

Sea Visit | At the beach, sand infiltrates crevices I’d hoped were sand-proof. Yesterday I found an abundance of it in my ears (despite a knit cap) and between my toes (laced into snow boots). What the hell? A similar kind of irritant also works its way into my thinking. A catchy melody plays repeatedly, mentally, behind the writing of this sentence. From 50 years ago, the face of a minor character on Star Trek sharpens then fades between thoughts. When I make a grocery list, the murmur of a particular cashier who names each item — “bananas, eggs, dog treats” — snakes through my head. I periodically halt all brainwork to bang this grit from my wits, but it’s back in no time. Like cerebral sand: “Lettuce, toothpaste, tuna fish … “

Bonus photo: “Ballet Slippers”

Not really. These look like ballet slippers but are actually razor clam shells partially filled with sand. Post-storm, thousands of these dot the beach.