Mossy Road

Mossy Road | Pacific Beach, WA | January 2020

Sea Visit | We vacation at the beach but live where wet things dry fast. I wash my hands in summer and shake off the big drops so my skin can air-dry in about 30 seconds. Thus, we residents of arid eastern Washington tend to forget that mist and humidity promote unfamiliar conditions — dripping rain forests, moldy houses, mossy driveways. It all looks soft and cushy, but that’s deceptive. Dark storms lurk offshore, surprise squalls soak you soggy, and wet socks, towels and dogs stay damnably damp. I squeegee the car windows even during sun breaks.

Bonus photo: Lichen

At least I think this is lichen. It hangs on younger trees growing in partial shade not far from the beach. Perfect conditions for lichen’s symbiotic mix of fungus/algae to flourish.