Static Dissipators

Static Dissipators | Orondo, WA | February 2020

I’ve mentioned before how helpful static dissipators would be in tense social situations. One atop my baseball cap (careful, don’t poke out an eye) could defuse anger when I cut in line at the grocery store or steal a parking space from a big-tire truck guy. Any rage would be absorbed and harmlessly redirected to the ethers. I’d look like an idiot, of course, with that starburst thing on my head. But I imagine the dissipator would dilute scorn, disdain and judgment as easily as it diminishes, say, simmering frustration. Red-faced bullies could bellow expletives at me, but I’d only hear, “Gosh, you might be right” or “Perhaps I’ve reacted too hastily?”

[In photo: In the real world, wire dissipators cap many tall objects to dispel static electricity and act as lightning rods. This one protects a rural substation north of Orondo.]