Orchard Nets

Orchard Nets | Orondo, WA | February 2020

Orchard nets help protect high-value fruit from all sorts of calamities— bad birds, bad storms, bad sunburn. The jury is still out on their cost vs. benefits, but it seems like more and more fruit growers are giving the covers a try. Me? I envy fruit so pampered. I yearn for a portable net that keeps away pests (mosquitoes, robo-calls, politicians), protects against weather (no cold, no snow boots) and signals to the world that a high-value human is inside (so, dammit, show some respect). I haven’t figured out how to wear the net while grocery shopping, but I trust technology will triumph.

[In photo: Acres of nets cover thousands of orchard rows during summer months. But winter calls for nets to be rolled to minimize snow damage and, for the trees, maximize sun exposure.]

[Reminder: IrwinFoto365 — my year-long, photo-a-day project — has rambled onward for 11 months as of today. It will end on 3/15/2020, the Ides of March. I didn’t want you to be surprised.]