Cave | Sun Lakes, WA | February 2020

I could camp here for awhile. Make it cozy with a patch of flagstone flooring, a ventilated fire pit, a few beaver blankets. Obviously, water and septic would be a problem, just as it was 5,000 years ago when Native Americans used this cave as a way station. But maybe there’s potable seepage in the walls? As for waste … well, a 100-foot cliff is just a few steps away. (OK, a bucket might be safer.) And that million-dollar view hasn’t changed in millennia. What you see at sunset will likely be the same at sunrise. Of course, the ghosts might be a bit unsettling. A group of noisy tourists kept them at bay for the first 20 minutes. But now, alone, I can feel spirits refilling this ancient, sacred space. Is it just me, or has it gotten chilly in here?

[In photo: This panoramic shot from inside Lake Lenore Cave is a bit deceptive. The cave’s mouth is broader, more open, than depicted here. In fact, the cave is actually a deep recess rather than an in-mountain cavern.]