Art? | Ellensburg, WA | February 2020

A bathtub-shaped flower bed, mostly dead, seems to float on a sea of ivy. I can’t tell if this is a clever art installation or simply bad gardening. I’m on the second floor of the university’s art building and peering into a courtyard that also contains oversized bricks stacked/toppled like a Jenga game and a 10-foot section of dinosaur spinal cord made of cardboard or paper mâché. A surrealist sculpture garden? Or failed art projects set in the rain? Either way, this scene rattles my thinking on Art, beauty, creativity and redraws that very fine line between what sparks interest, what touches my soul, and what doesn’t.

[In photo: A view from the upper floor of Randall Hall at Central Washington University. See more of the school’s courtyard art here.]