Bridge | Chelan Falls, WA | March 2020

Things that take us from here to there, that connect us across wide divides, give us reasons to hope. Airplanes and trains, all types of bridges, certain songs and speeches, a phone call from dear Aunt Betty — they all reach beyond where we stand to where we could be, maybe to where we should be. I like this bridge for its classic arched design and how it gracefully spans one of the world’s most powerful rivers. But it also spans time (it’s nearly 60 years old), politics (it connects two counties), biology (it curves over salmon runs), physics (it’s a continuous-steel through-truss tied-arch structure, whatever that is) and food (it’s the fastest route to yummy Local Myth Pizza in Chelan). As noted, the bridge gives me reasons to hope — that it’ll bear me across without fail, and that one last slice of tomato-basil-garlic pizza sits waiting for a hungry traveler.

[In photo: The 1,049-foot-long Beebe Bridge near Chelan Falls spans the Columbia River to connect Chelan and Douglas counties.]

[Reminder: Today we begin this blog’s final week after nearly a year of daily photos. The last post will be Sunday, March 15.]