Planter | East Wenatchee, WA | April 2020

Gardening ranks low on my personal priority list, right below colonoscopy. I never really liked the idea of weeks of watering, weeding, waiting for seedlings when I could easily travel — down the street, across the state — to appreciate flowers, fields, forests, already grown by someone else. Well, shucks, that’s changed. Stay-put protocols now elevate gardening to a high-status activity. It connects us to Mother Earth, to the miracle of seeds, to the pleasure of backyard zucchinis and, Lordy, even more backyard zucchinis. I’m slowly beginning to understand the allure of damp soil and damned weeds as a meditative, life-enhancing endeavor. Plus, my colonoscopy was canceled.

[These stay-at-home photos will continue while we pause to stay healthy.]