Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat | East Wenatchee,WA | April 2020

Things Around the House | Hair gone; hat on. In fact, hats as head warmers now fit snugly atop my aging body’s list of corrective measures — eyeglasses, medicines, dental fillings, arterial stents and, egads, ear-fuzz trimmers. For me, cowboy hats are far too cumbersome for daily wear (not pocketable), yet I’ve always liked their utilitarian contours on crown and brim. This hat’s “Gus” crease, popularized most recently by the Lonesome Dove character Augustus McCrae, has been around since the mid-1800s. Its interior volume supposedly keeps a cowboy’s head toasty on high-plains cattle drives, while its side grooves allow for an easy-grip tip to the ladies.