Grazing Horse

Grazing Horse | East Wenatchee, WA | April 2020

Horse lips are like the end of an elephant’s trunk — fleshy, specialized tools for grasping thin blades of grass. Watching them pluck, pluck, endlessly pluck, I realize that in recent weeks my own particular “tools” for living in lockdown have emerged. They include a new capacity to pluck satisfaction from mundane tasks — morning stretches, watering plants, roasting a chicken, sweeping and mopping — and a growing appreciation for completion. Which was a rare comfort in our multitasking, calendar-driven world of not long ago. What a blessed luxury, really, to now pluck the grass, chew the grass, swallow the grass, then pluck again.

[Note: I realize not everyone has left behind the pressures of multitasking — kids, job, house. I pray you find strength.]