Walkway | Seattle, WA | 2017

Excited visitors streamed across the elevated walkway at Seattle’s aviation museum. Everyone, that is, except Jules. He stood at one end of the long glass tunnel and quietly, but firmly, told his wife that he couldn’t do it. “I’ll go outside and just walk across the street the regular way,” he insisted. “But it’s cold and raining,” she said. “And traffic is heavy, scary.” She faced him and held both his hands. “Besides, you need to do this,” she said. “You said you would. You told me ‘today’s the day’. I think you should at least try. I’ll be right here if you need help.” Jules turned to face the walkway. “It’s long and so … enclosed, ” he whispered with a shiver. “But I’ll do this for you.” She looked at him sharply. “No,” she said. “For you.” Jules took one tentative step, then two, and then walked bravely to the other side.